Allied Telesis Autonomous Management FrameworkTM (AMF)

Automate and simplify network management. Save time. Save money.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF)

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) is a scalable network management platform. It supports Allied Telesis switching, firewall, and wireless products, as well as a wide range of third-party devices—including video surveillance cameras and IP phones—for truly inclusive network automation.

AMF delivers immediate value to businesses of all sizes, with centralized network management able to treat a network of any size as a single, converged entity. This reduces cost and complexity by delivering:

AMF can manage networks that span different locations. Whether your network spans the campus, or the continent, AMF is simple to use. Support business growth locally, and in remote locations, with plug-and-play simplicity. Automated management for up to thousands of devices, means AMF is ready for the inexorable move towards smarter cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

AMF Highlights

Reduce operating costs by up to 60%—AMF saves time and money.

Simplify your network with Allied Telesis AMF

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is moving networking towards the ideal combination of optimal network utilization and centralized management. An integral part of the Allied Telesis SDN solution, AMF delivers powerful management capabilities that are simple to use. An entire network can be managed from a single point, up-to-date network status is easily monitored using Vista Manager, and actionable reporting is available for timely issue resolution.

AMF reduces the time and skill required to maintain the network. Configuration and firmware files are regularly backed up. Failed devices are automatically regenerated, and configuration changes can be made on multiple devices simultaneously.

For peace of mind, AMF secure mode increases network security with management traffic encryption, authorization, and monitoring.

The power of AMF extends beyond simplifying and automating network administration. With features such as graphical monitoring and management through Vista Manager EX, large global network support, cloud-based network control, and the addition of 3rd party devices, AMF is a powerful and comprehensive network management solution. 

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** Free license manage up to 3 devices

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