Collaboration Endpoints

Collaboration Endpoints

Small huddle-space solutions will play a big part in your workplace transformation.

Network security today, has become critical for all small and large organizations to protect their information from unauthorized people. Moreover with the use of internet and technologies like wireless and sharing, the exposure to threat has increased dramatically. Firewalls and anti-viruses are replaced by endpoint security mechanisms today which look into effective control of internal network endpoints.

Syscom, a well known system integrator in the region offers endpoint security solutions from Sonicwall, Mcafee, Symantec and Kaspersky. These solutions provides with two forms of suspicious detection
1. Suspicious File Detection indicates that files have some characteristics commonly found in malware
2. Suspicious Behavior Detection indicates that files exhibit behavior commonly found in malware.

Endpoint security and control will block the suspicious file and alert the user when there is any suspicious behavior. At Syscom, we enable clients to select best-of- breed endpoint security solutions without any hassles. Streamline security with your organization today with our solutions.

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